North American Psychic Detectives

Experienced, Professional Intuitive Investigating 

Troy Griffin, Intuitive Medium & Psychic Investigator

Troy is a devout lifelong Christian. He is also a clairvoyant, empathic psychic medium and psychic investigator with consultation on more than 100 missing person and cold case files on his resume. Communicating with those who have crossed over and using his gifts to help authorities solve the unsolvable cases where tracks had run cold are his life’s work.

Troy is the founder of North American Psychic Investigations, a volunteer group of intuitives working on missing person(s), cold cases, and unsolved murder cases, internationally. Troy is currently in development for a new reality television investigative show. 

Troy has been featured on ABC News Nightline, ABC News7 NY, ABC News Atlanta, ABC Action News2, Fox News21, The CW San Diego Living, Eye Opener TV, Kansas Wichita Eagle, The Denver Post, Westword, NEWSJS, WLOX ABC Bounce, WMUZ 103.5FM, 98.9 Magic FM, Christians Today, and Psychic Access Talk Radio, among others.