North American Psychic Detectives

Experienced, Professional Intuitive Investigating 

Due to rising cost of investigating, using third-person apps including but not limited to background checks, FB contact, contracted specialists as needed, research time, review time, and document preparation, we charge a nominal fees to look into the cases we select tor work on. Although we wish we can do all cases pro-bono we have to also pay our staff and bills. Our current fees are:

$97.00 Review Fee - Time averages about 90 minutes to 2-hours. Once we have reviewed your case, we will send you back a written report. After we have sent your report, if you would like us to continue working on your case, we will discuss hourly rate. 

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS AND DISCOVER CARDS. We will invoice you if you have us do a review. Invoice must be paid before we begin our work. 

Please Note: Most of our cases only require the initial review fee and you are not obligated to any financial fees after the review unless you choose to have us continue. 

BE AVISED: Due to the overwhelming number of cases submitted to us, we cannot reply to all of them even if we decide not to work on your case. Certain cases we do keep on file to look into when we have an opening and may contact you in the near future.

Our pro-bono services: If we approach you about working on your case, we will offer our services pro-bono (free) as we believe our assistants is needed and we can make a difference.