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May 31, 2018 - Kelsie Schelling update! 

This case would not have come to this if the family and dedicated volunteers gave up. #Steel City Search Angels

Good job to everyone who assisted! 

May justice be served. 

News Release

February 18, 2017

For Immediate Release…

For Information, Contact: Troy Griffin / Tara Wrysec

Phone: (303) 317-6220 / Email: /

Tara Wrysec, Research Analysis with FOHVAMP (CO) and Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin (CO) investigate potential connections in the death of Adam Gilbertson (CO), Paul Kochu (PA), Joey Labute Jr. (OH) and Dakota James (PA).

On January 13, 2017, the body of Adam Gilbertson (29) was found in the South Platte River in Denver, Colorado. Gilbertson was last seen at a local Denver gay bar on December 15, 2017. The cause of death is still undetermined.

On March 20, 2014, the body of Paul Kochu (22) was found in the Ohio river, West Virginia. Kochu a resident of Pittsburgh, PA, was last seen at a local bar in Pittsburgh in mixed neighborhood which includes gay bars on December 16, 2015. The cause of death is listed as drowning.

On March 5, 2016, the body of Joey Labute Jr. (26) was found in the Ohio river in Columbus, and last seen at a local gay bar in the Short North. On March 29, 2016, the body of Labute Jr, was found in the Scioto River. The cause of death undetermined as no water was found in his lungs.

On March 6 2017, the body of Dakota James (23) was found in the Ohio river. James was last seen at a local bar in Pittsburgh in mixed neighborhood which includes gay bars on January 25, 2017. The cause of death is listed as drowning.

FOHVAMP – Families of Homicide Victims and Missing Persons.


Are these victims of a serial killer, the "smiley face" killer, a copycat killer, or is there no foul play in these cases? Just accidents?

Psychic Medium Troy Griffin investigates a potential serial killer case from Ohio to Pennsylvania.

Barbara Miller - Milton, PA 

SUNBURY -- Discovery of wood chips in a concrete wall removed from a Milton duplex has the Sunbury police chief thinking the 1989 cold case he is investigating might be might be a copy of a Connecticut murder three years earlier.

Sunbury Police Chief Timothy S. Miller Tuesday said his suspicion is the reason he asked noted forensic scientist Henry C. Lee to get involved in the Barbara Miller investigation.

Lee helped investigate the 1986 murder in Newtown, Conn., of Helle Crafts, whose body was dismembered with a chain saw before it was put through a wood chipper.

Her body was never found but a tooth, hair and blood on a chainsaw receipt found in or near a lake belonged to her.

On the night she was last seen, her husband Richard, whom she was divorcing, was seen using a wood chipper at that lake during a severe snow storm.

He was found guilty of her death in 1989 and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. 

The Academy Award film "Fargo" was inspired by the Crafts case.

Wood chips and pieces of branches were found inside a wall of a duplex in Milton that police searched as part of an investigation into the 1989 disappearance, and presumed homicide, of Barbara Miller.  Cadaver dogs also indicated they detected human remains in the wall, which police removed for analysis.

UPDATE: Evidence (concrete) has wood chips in it along with  potential human remains. 


Veteran Chase Massner, Cobb County, GA 

Chase Massner is found buried in so-called ‘friend’s’ backyard, but why did it take three years?

On the night of  his disappearance, Chase was  feeling down on his luck due to reported domestic disputes. His wife, Amanda Massner, allegedly dropped him in the parking lot of a QT convenience store in Kennesaw or possibly a bank. He then made his way to Brad Clement’s house, a friend who’d offered to let Chase stay with him. This is where things get a bit murky.

The last call Chase made on his cellphone was around 10:40 p.m. on March 26, according to cellphone records. A text was sent out an hour later from his phone. Chase spent the night with Brad, but sometime during the early morning hours of March 27, Brad left his home off of Farmbrook Trail in Kennesaw, with Chase reportedly still sleeping.

Brad claimed he took Chase’s cellphone with him so that Chase wouldn’t leave while he was gone. It’s still unclear why Brad wanted Chase to stay. Later, Brad returned home and said he gave Chase his phone back, then went to either start a BBQ or talk to the roofers who were working at his home that day. Somewhere in between that time, Chase disappeared. He simply walked away, at least according to  Brad.

Since then, there’s been rumors that Chase’s phone was “dismantled.” Months later, according to a disclosed source with phone records, his wife allegedly disconnected his phone and switched providers because she “couldn’t afford the bill.”

No one saw Chase leave, not even Brandon Duck, owner of Duck Roofing, who was at Brad’s house for the majority of the day on March 26 and 27. The suburban subdivision is filled with homes that line a winding culdesac, and it would have taken Chase at least half a mile to walk down the street and out of the neighborhood, if he did indeed walk away. Someone should have seen him walking away. No one did. No unknown vehicles pulled up to Brad’s home, at least from what anyone saw, including a group of workers who spent both days outside of the home, in the yard, and on the roof.

Chase’s mother, friends, and additional family members have frantically searched for him since his disappearance, but each time, have came up empty. Searches performed by professional organizations such as Mounted Rescue returned nothing substantial. To ease the family’s worries, police searched a dumpster in the front of Brad’s home, but again, it yielded no results. Others say that authorities searched the wrong dumpster; authorities looked through a smaller dumpster at the home. A large, commercial dumpster was used at Brad’s home during roofing renovations, but by the time the police went to the home to search, the commercial dumpster had already been returned.

Chase was last seen wearing a red QT sweatshirt and khaki pants. He stands 6-foot-2 inches tall and weighs around 175 pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes, and several prominent tattoos, including the name “Massner” across his back shoulder blades and an angel on his right forearm.

The Facebook group, Justice for Chase Massner, currently has over 1,000 members. Those closest to Chase vow to never stop fighting until he’s found. Tammy Childs, the group’s administrator and close friend of Cadena, told Crime Online that she can’t even imagine the pain Cadena, her close friend, is going through “When a loved one passes away a family gains a type of closure by having a funeral and or a memorial. As a wife, mother, and nana, I have encountered numerous situations I only thought were unbearable. The one thing I don’t ever think I could ever handle is not knowing the whereabouts of my child or loved one. To not have that closure is unimaginable.“It is my hope and prayer that someone will come forward to give Chases family closure and a little bit of peace. People do not just vanish. Somebody somewhere knows where this young father is and what happened. Chase wrote that blank check for every one us when he enlisted in the United States Army it’s time for us to write that blank check for him. TeamChase will not give up until his family has the answers they deserve and need. To see and hear the pain his mother goes thru is horrible. My heart breaks every day knowing that his baby girls are growing up without having their father in their lives.”

UPDATE:  Cobb County police have found the remains in the backyard of a Kennesaw residence buried and under a concrete patio slab. 



How does a perfectly healthy 19-year-old collapse and die for no reason?

That’s what family and friends of Tanner Lane Barton want to know.

Tanner, a 2011 Northwestern High School graduate, was just beginning his college education at Marian University when he was found dead on the basement floor of a friend’s home April 22, 2012.

A media release from that day issued by Capt. Greg Hargrove of the Howard County Sheriff Department states dispatch received a 911 call about an unresponsive man.

Upon arrival, deputies found Barton dead. Hargrove said Tanner was a friend of the Lindskoog family and was spending the night there. The official report said sometime in the early morning hours, Barton fell asleep on the floor in the basement and was later discovered dead.

The Lindskoog family has no answers, but said they miss Tanner.

“Tanner’s death was a tragedy for his family and everyone who knew him," said Jeff Lindskoog in a recent statement.

"We pray for peace and closure. We miss him very much.”

There were no apparent injuries to Tanner's body and interviews and evidence at the scene indicated he had consumed alcohol, the release stated.

Howard County Coroner Jay Price said Tanner's cause of death is listed as positional asphyxia, which occurs when someone's position prevents the person from breathing adequately.


Troy Griffin gave Tanner a voice!

We can't thank him enough for shedding light on Tanner's case... It's never to late to tell the TRUTH 💙



The human remains found in a suitcase along a Gwinnett County interstate last week are that of a woman between 20 and 30 years old, the Gwinnett Medical Examiner’s Office said Monday.

The woman is believed to be mixed race with mostly white ancestry or Hispanic.

The woman died six months ago based on the decomposition, but the medical examiner’s officer is still trying to determine the cause of death, Gwinnett police spokesman Cpl. Michele Pihera said.

According to Gwinnett County police records, there were no missing person cases that match the remains, Pihera said.

“The lead investigator will reach out to other agencies to see if this matches one of their cases,” she said.

The remains were found in a suitcase Friday morning by a Georgia Department of Transportation worker in a wooded area along I-985 northbound between the I-85 split and Buford Drive, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution previously reported.

Anyone with information should call Gwinnett police at 770-513-5300. Tipsters can also remain anonymous, and are eligible for rewards of up to $2,000, by contacting Crime Stoppers at 404-577-8477, texting information to 274637 or visiting

UPDATE: Case still active.



Family still searching for answers one year after Joey LaBute's death.

See article and video:

COLUMBUS (WCMH) — This weekend marks one year since Joey LaBute, Jr., was last seen at a bar in the Short North, and his family is still searching for answers about what happened to him.

LaBute, 26, was out with friends and family members at Union Cafe the weekend of the Arnold Sports Festival. His body was found a few weeks later in the Scioto River, but autopsy and toxicology reports didn’t give much information about what might have happened.

As of March 3, 2017, Columbus police told NBC4 the case is still open as a death investigation and that they’re not prepared to call it a homicide. Sgt. Rich Weiner said people are still encouraged to call in with tips.

With the Arnold this weekend, LaBute’s family wants to remind people the investigation is still open. Two of his aunts said they hope someone who was in town last year for the Arnold is back this year and has an answer or remembers something from that weekend.

“They may have forgotten about it, but we haven’t and we want to refresh people’s memories that may have seen him,” Wendy Rider, LaBute’s aunt, said.

Rider said everyone’s emotions were high as the anniversary of his disappearance approached.

“Not having any answers just kind of brings everything right back the way that it was,” Rider said.

Another of LaBute’s aunts, Julie Holly, said she didn’t believe what happened to her nephew was an accident.

“I think there were people involved. I think that maybe it didn’t start out to be anything bad, but something went wrong,” Holly said.

While knowing what happened wouldn’t bring their nephew back, both women said they felt knowing what happened would bring closure.

Family and friends are planning a balloon release Sunday at 2 p.m. at the Goodale Park Gazebo in LaBute’s memory.

Police said LaBute’s cause will remain open until they know the cause of death. Anyone with information is encouraged to call police at (614) 645-4730.

UPDATE: Case still open. 


Schelling, then 21, was last seen on February 4, 2013. The photos and writings shared at the Help Find Kelsie Facebook page portray her as a member of a loving family and a person of deep faith.

"I was referred by a past client of mine who's a victim's advocate in another county," he says. "She referred me to Laura, and I've been on two searches with her thus far" — including one that took place in Pueblo this past Saturday, December 3, with a Nightline crew documenting the process.

UPDATE: Case still open and CBI is now part of investigation.



Psychic Intuitive Detective Troy Griffin Tackles Long Island Murder Mystery

An alarming series of unsolved Long Island murders have befuddled Nassau County Police, Suffolk County Police and the FBI for years, as bodies of murder victims continue to show up on Gilgo Beach and Jones Beach, along Long Island, New York’s popular south shore. With 10-17 speculated victims in total whose remains reveal a similar M.O., the media-dubbed “Gilgo Beach Killer” or “Craigslist Ripper” is still unidentified and very much at large.

To date, the remains of eight women, one toddler and one man have been recovered by police. All are alleged to have had a connection to the sex trade, including the body of a toddler who is thought to have been the child of a sex worker.

The unsolved case was first brought to Troy Griffin’s attention when Andrea Peyser of the New York Post interviewed Troy for an article that ran in the August 1, 2016 issue of the New York Post (, profiling his intuitive abilities and the consulting work he has done in contributing clues to cold missing person and unsolved murder cases worldwide, through his non-profit, North American Psychic Investigations.

During the interview, Peyser persuasively mentioned the ongoing Long Island, Gilgo Beach, murders to Troy, convincing him of the merits of investigating the case. In the article Peyser writes:

“Next, he might look for a way into a case that for nearly 20 years has flummoxed local cops and federal authorities — that of the so-called Gilgo Beach Killer, an unknown serial slayer believed to have murdered between 10 and 17 people, some of them sex workers, and dumped their remains around Gilgo Beach on Long Island.”

This led to Troy deciding to take on the case. “Using my intuitive gifts to bring closure to the bereaved and helping law enforcement with clues is my life’s work. This is a worthy case to pursue,” states Griffin.

Troy Griffin will be traveling to Long Island, New York to investigate these unsolved murders, and he will be available for media interviews. To learn more about Troy’s work as an intuitive investigator and his plans for investigating the Gilgo Beach murders, contact Allison Kugel at Full Scale Media, or (212) 537-9236.

UPDATE: Case still open and active. 

Colorado Psychic Intuitive Detective Troy Griffin is investigating the disappearance of Kelsie Schelling in Pueblo, Colorado 

For Immediate Release

November 14, 2016

Contact: Les - TLGriffin LLC

E: or P: (303) 317-6220

It has been over 3 years and 10 months since Kelsie Schelling disappeared in Pueblo and her family is desperate trying to find her.

“I know every 40 seconds in America, somebody goes missing,” Kelsie's mother, Laura said. “That's an epidemic.”

Laura Saxton says her daughter was loved by so many people and had a bright future ahead of her.

“She was pretty happy about having the baby and was really excited about becoming a mom,” she said.

On February 4, 2013, a doctor told the 22-year-old she was 8-weeks pregnant.

That same day, police say Kelsie drove from Denver to Pueblo to meet up with her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas. It's the last time Kelsie has been seen.

At one point, Donthe was charged with identity theft for using Kelsie's ATM card, but the DA ultimately dropped that charge since there was evidence Kelsie had allowed him to use her card in the past.

From press conferences to rallies and searches, the Schelling family is doing everything they can to find their daughter.

With a referral from a client of Troy’s and further looking into Kelsie’s case, Troy deciding to take on the case. “Using my intuitive gifts to bring closure to the bereaved and helping law enforcement with clues is my life’s work. This is a worthy case to pursue,” states Griffin.

Watch Troy's Interview with CW6 San Diego Living Regarding his Psychic Investigation Work - May 2016

Acclaimed Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin investigates the 1994 disappearance of Hugh Martin Nolan from San Francisco, CA.

November 30, 2015

For Immediate Release…

For Information Contact: Ashley Pope

Acclaimed Intuitive Consultant and Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin investigates the 1994 disappearance of Hugh Martin Nolin from San Francisco, CA.

Today, the office of Troy Griffin, Psychic Investigator confirms that Troy has been in contact with the family of Hugh Nolan in Ireland and will look into the possibility of this case being an unsolved murder.

Nolan (21) at the time of his disappearance is from Blacklion County Cavan, Ireland and went missing on April 20, 1004 from The Sunset District of San Francisco, CA. Nolan cashed a check for $500.00 at a Market Street Bank on the day of his disappearance. He never returned home. His resident alien card was left behind.

For more information on this case, visit:

If you have any information on this case, please contact

Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin, send to or visit our website at:


2012 Murder Case - Mannheim, Germany

Murder victim - female - Judid on 2 February 2012. Body found outside of Spenelli Barracks, Mannheim, Germany.

If you have any information on this case in Germany, please contact Troy at: or by phone 011-303-317-6220.

September 15, 2015 - Rome, Georgia

Body of Georgia mother who warned 'something was going to happen' before disappearance.

Investigators believe there is a strong possibility that the remains are those of Ashley Jones, a 24-year-old woman who was reported missing by family in early February.

'The location of the discovery Friday is within walking distance of the area where Jones was last seen alive. 'The Georgia Bureau of Investigation's crime lab is going to look at the remains on Tuesday, police said.  

A deputy coroner told the Rome News-Tribune that the body spent approximately one month outdoors. A hiker came across the remains, according to the newspaper. A woman who lives in the area, Darci Jessie, told WSB-TV:  'They were searching our woods, behind our house, all through our neighborhoods, looking for this girl who had just vanished in the middle of the night.'

Read more:

Lumber Baron unsolved 1970 murders of Cara Knoche and Marianne Weaver

Grave site visit of Cara Knoche.

Hello and good Monday everyone! Hope you are having a great day so far.

A few members went to Cara's grave on Saturday and found it interesting. We are having some video worked on and we will share the video of our visit once it is completed.

The audio online is the second audio (EVP) we took. What is interesting about this audio compared to the first audio is that on the first audio, we hear a sigh (like a relief) and a lot of wind.

On the audio you can hear now, the wind is still there but, in this video there are birds. This video was recorded within a few minutes of the first one. No one at the grave site saw or heard any birds. We did not discover the birds until we listened to the recording.

We do not understand where the birds came from due to the heavy winds! And you would think that if the birds flew in, someone would have noticed them or heard them. We did not.

More to follow as we continue.


Below is the recording.