North American Psychic Detectives

Experienced, Professional Intuitive Investigating 

Welcome to the North American Psychic Investigation website. NAPD (North American Psychic Detectives) was formed in January 2013, by Troy Griffin, a Psychic Medium after spending many years investigating cold cases around the world. NAPD was formed to bring talented, honest, hard-working individuals from around the world to assist in unsolved cases, cold-cases.

We are a powerful group of individuals using our “God given” gifts that we share with each other as we work on our investigations. We are a variety of talented individuals that have different backgrounds, different fields in investigations, years of knowledge and experience.

As a group we review and assist on as many cases we can at one time. The number of cases we work on depends on our current cases loads, if we truly believe we can make a difference in the case with clues, ideas, thoughts, location ideas, etc. We are not licensed investigators and the information we supply is not admissible in a court of law, may not be accepted by law enforcement unless we are hired to consult through law enforcement agencies or an open minded investigator willing to work with us.

Disclaimer: We are not 100% accurate in our information and the information we provide are just our thoughts, suggestions and insight. We should be the last resort into looking at cold cases once the investigative agency has no more clues or are at a dead-end.

Thank you for viewing our site.