NAPD- North American Psychic Detectives

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12.02.2017 -  For all that have been following the Kelsie Schelling case I have been working on for about a year now, here is an update:

The North America Psychic Investigations, (NAPI) group is a professional organization created to provide a voice for those who no longer have one or are unable to be heard. We assist in providing clues and information to family, law enforcement and communities locally, nationally and internationally. We assist those who are searching for answers, clues or closure on both past and present cases.

As Professional Intuitive Mediums, we are guided through our core values, for a higher good. We uphold the highest standards of integrity, responsibility and discretion. We strive to provide our clients with honest and accurate information in a confidential, professional manner.

Troy Griffin - NAPI

NAPI - North American Psychic Investigations
For information, contact:
Troy Griffin